9 Creative Ideas for Your Family Photoshoot in Dubai

Your family is growing and you want to commemorate the occasion. So you book a photo session but you don't know how to prepare. What should you wear and how should you pose? There are dozens of questions you may be asking yourself. If you've booked a family photoshoot in Dubai and are looking for some expert tips and ideas, read on to get inspired. 1. Zoom In to Capture Little Details Some of the most common family photo shoot tips include close-up photography. Consider a close shot of your hands, feet, or your wedding bands. This highlights the textures…

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What Are the Differences Between On-Location and Studio Photo Shoots?

Capturing cherished memories in photos has become more than the stiffly posed pictures from the past. Today the trends are for more natural and relaxed photos that show off a family's personality. And when choosing how best to capture those images, the decision to have a photo session in a studio or on location photography will come into play. But how do you know which one is best for you and your family? What are the differences between each? Let's dive into what makes each of these options unique so you can make the best choice for your dream photo…

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Ready, Set, Click: 9 Tips for What to Wear for Family Photos

  Planning to take a family photo and share it online? Or, with the rising importance of printing photographs, do you want to keep a physical keepsake of happy times with the people you love? Those moments will fly by quickly and you'll want each picture to look astounding. One step to achieve that goal is to wear the right clothes. Figuring out what to wear for family photos, however, is easier said than done. It's not like taking a photograph of a single person; everyone in the photo has to complement the overall theme and style that you're going…

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