How to Make Sure Your Newborn Photo Session Goes Smoothly

Ten fingers, ten toes, one cute little nose. Is there anything better than a newborn baby? Seeing one, holding one, smelling one, they’re the most precious things on the earth.

If you just had one, it’s hard to believe that all that preciousness and love can come through in a newborn photo session. In truth, we can’t capture it all – there’s no baby head scratch and sniff.

However, we can do our best to make sure your little one is captured in all their tiny glory.

What can you do to make sure we have the best shoot possible? Follow the tips below.

Max Cuteness: Newborn Photo Session Tips

Some of the tips below are only relevant if you’re taking your baby to our studio or if we’re doing a shoot in-home. If you don’t know which you want yet, don’t worry.

Reading through these tips will give you a better idea!

Step 1: Schedule Early

Our schedules fill up fast, so make sure you contact us during your second or third trimester. We understand that babies have their own timing, so if someone’s late or early – let us know.

We prefer to photograph babies somewhere between three to seven days after they make their arrival into the world.

They discover movement (even in small ways) around day 8, which makes those more curled-up positions impossible.

They also sleep deeper during their first week of life, so that makes for better sleeping pics.

2. Warm it Up

If we’re coming to your home, crank the heat up! We want the heat somewhere between eighty and eighty-five degrees.

Your baby will be naked during most of the session and we don’t want their little bodies getting cold! Since they can’t keep themselves warm as well as us, they need some extra help.

Plus, the more comfortable your baby is, the better they’ll sleep and pose!

If you’re coming to our studio, we’ll make sure we warm things up for you – so you can leave that to us.

3. Keep Them Up!

We know, you’re never supposed to wake a sleeping baby. That’s why if you keep them up before they come in, it makes it easier for us to not wake them up.

Though they may be fussy for you, getting those perfect pictures is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We recommend keeping them up for one to two hours before the shoot.

If your baby won’t sleep, it’s not the end of the world. We’ll get some perfect wide-eyed and aware shots too!

4. Bring Some Wipes

Yes, poop and pee do happen during a newborn photo shoot. That’s ok! We’re used to it.

Don’t get embarrassed if your baby feels relaxed enough to let go. We’ll wash the fabrics when all is said and done.

That doesn’t mean you can’t prep, though. Those thick burp cloths are great for laying under a baby who may pee in a pose.

Have some wipes on hand for potential messes or on the scene diaper changes.

If you insist that your baby wear a diaper, we’ll work with you. We recommend you bring some sort of cloth diaper cover or bloomer so the picture comes out more put together.

Ruffle butts are just as cute as naked butts, in our opinion.

5. Get Yourself Ready

You may not feel great since, you know, you birthed an entire human. But getting shots of mommy and baby during this precious time is worth taking a shower and putting on makeup.

We’re not going to take pictures of your post-birth belly or anything, but chest on chest photos are precious beyond words.

Do what you can to make yourself feel beautiful, but don’t go over the top. The focus will be on your connection with your baby, not your eyelashes.

Wear something that shows some skin, for skin-to-skin contact pictures.

This can be a simple tank top or cotton cami. If you can, bring a black and white choice so we can change, depending on the shot.

If your partner is coming to the shoot, have them tidy up too! Hands and feet are used in newborn shots, so get a manicure or pedi if you can.

If not, we understand, but throw some lotion on your hands/feet. We’ll edit out things as we need to.

6. Burp and Feed

It’s best if you burp and feed your baby right as you get to the session so that they’re full and sleepy.

It also means they’ll look happier in the photos since we’re all happier with full bellies!

You may have to take a feeding break during the session if your little one wakes up. That’s fine! We want your baby to be healthy and happy. ‘

7. Keep it Quiet

If you’re having your shoot in your home, please think about hiring a babysitter or reducing noise. Dogs and other children can make loud noises, disturbing our little model.

If you’re coming to our studio and can’t get anyone to watch the baby, bring a tablet and some headphones along.

8. Be Patient

Newborns do what newborns want to do. In fact, kids do what kids want to do their entire lives!

Not only is that a good parenting truth to keep in mind, it’s true during a newborn photo session.

If your baby doesn’t want to fall asleep yet, don’t apologize. They will and we’ll get the perfect shot. Relax – we’ve got this!

Relax and Send Love

Once we’ve gotten baby all posed, it’s hard for moms to relax. It can be hard for them to relax during the entire session.

We’ve done this before. We promise no harm will come to your baby during your newborn photo session.

We’re here to capture precious memories and let you take them home.

Are you ready to give us a call? Schedule your session now.

Why Newborn Hospital Photograph Is Important (And How to Prepare)

There’s nothing in life that can compare to the moment your child is born. Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent for the first time or you’re expecting the arrival of another child, each birth you experience is its own unique miracle.

As such, it’s worth investing in newborn hospital photography to capture all the magic. This allows you to forever remember your first moments with the baby once he/she is all cleaned up and calm.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to get home to do this. It’s better to get newborn pictures taken right away because the more you put it off, the less likely you are to get it done!

Not only that, there’s value in having an intimate hospital session. Keep reading to discover why newborn hospital photos are worth having and how to prepare for them.

Why Newborn Hospital Pictures Are a Great Idea

Some people misjudge having hospital pictures done the moment they hear about this photography option. They think it means having an extra person in the room during the actual birth or getting photos done right away – sweat, messy hair, crying newborn baby and all.

Actually, newborn hospital pictures are the exact opposite. They’re non-invasive whatsoever. These pictures celebrate the new life you’ve just welcomed into the world while respecting the privacy of everyone in the family.

These are precious images you can only get once, and they’re something you’ll always cherish. Here’s why.

The First Moments Fly By

As amazing as going into labor and giving birth can be, these moments fly by. Not to mention, all the excitement of welcoming your newborn and showing them off to friends and family leaves little time to just enjoy the present. With newborn hospital pictures, though, you can always go back to those first few moments in your mind.

Plus, taking the pictures gives you time to be alone with your baby and your husband. This is a chance to breathe from all the questions and congratulations of your parents and in-laws. When you’re taking the pictures, it will feel like you and your two biggest loves are in your own little world.

The Beauty of Parenthood Is Worth Capturing

Whether it’s just you and the father in the room with the baby or the whole family, there’s going to be a strong sense of love in the air when the baby comes. Everyone seems to smile a little bigger and have a special sparkle in their eye.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – kind of like the look on your husband’s face when you walked down the aisle or the excitement you felt sharing the pregnancy news. When your baby comes, the excitement looks like the way you and your baby lock eyes or how your husband holds him/her for the very first time. They’re beautiful moments that deserve being captured.

Your Baby Starts Growing Right Away

The thing about waiting until you leave the hospital to get professional photos done is that your baby will never be as little as when they first leave the womb.

More than that, there’s something special about having raw, unstaged photos of you and your family in the hospital room. Newborn hospital photos capture the whole experience. The excitement and love mentioned above, yes, but also the small details like your baby’s hospital band and their first blanket.

How to Prepare for Post-Labor Baby Pictures

Once you’ve set your mind on getting newborn hospital photography, you have to know how to prepare. There are certain things to keep in mind if you want to have the absolute best pictures.

The main preparation details are as follows.

Allow Yourself Plenty of Time

It’s easy to get frazzled when you’re in the hospital, even after the baby has arrived. That’s just how it goes with all the excitement in the air and all the people who come in and out of the room to visit you.

So, you need to allow yourself plenty of time to settle down and make the most of your photography session. This includes giving yourself some space to clean up and making sure the photographer has blocked off enough time in their day, too.

Don’t be afraid to communicate what you need. Whether it means space from your extended family or an extra half hour with your photographer, let yourself be heard.

Make a List of Must-Have Shots

You can have all the time in the world to take your baby’s photos and still not get all the shots you want. As such, write down a list of the images you really want.

Maybe the focus of the photo shoot is getting your first family portrait, or maybe you’d love to have an intimate image of your husband with the baby. Other great images to include on the list include skin to skin photos of you holding the baby or even some breastfeeding captures.

Don’t Stress Your Wardrobe

While it’s worth getting the perfect photos, there’s no need to stress about the not-so-important details. Remember, the main thing to focus on when it comes to newborn photography is your baby!

It doesn’t really matter what you wear, which means you can give yourself a break from dressing up. There’s no need to put on a full face of make-up, either.

In fact, the more natural you can be, the better. There’s something incredibly beautiful about a mother in her hospital gown holding her baby. Your hair may be messed up and your eyes a little tired, but when you think about it, that’s the point.

Get the Best Newborn Hospital Photography Possible

The final preparation tip for newborn hospital photography is to book your photographer ahead of time. You shouldn’t be trying to find someone on your way to the hospital. Instead, you should be able to pick up the phone, call the photographer you already hired, and tell them the baby is coming.

For all your newborn photography needs, family pictures, and more, click here.

What Are the Differences Between On-Location and Studio Photo Shoots?

Capturing cherished memories in photos has become more than the stiffly posed pictures from the past. Today the trends are for more natural and relaxed photos that show off a family’s personality.

And when choosing how best to capture those images, the decision to have a photo session in a studio or on location photography will come into play. But how do you know which one is best for you and your family? What are the differences between each?

Let’s dive into what makes each of these options unique so you can make the best choice for your dream photo shoot.

On-Location Photography

Having an on-location photo shoot means going to a specific location, outside of the studio, to take pictures.

Usually, this means being outdoors, but it can also include a house, hospital, party venue, or anywhere in a different location than the studio. This option has become more and more popular over the years.

There are several advantages to this type of photography which include:

Unlimited Backgrounds

In a studio, you can only work with what you have. And even if that includes many different options, it still may not be able to capture the exact look you’re going for… then what can you do?

But shooting on location solves all of that. You literally have the world as a backdrop at your fingertips.

Whether you want a natural photo taken in an open field or park setting. Moments of your little one born in the hospital. Or a warm feeling of your family all gathered in your home.

An on-location photo shoot lets you have a seemingly endless array of possibilities for your dream photo.

More Personalized

When you have a photo shoot taken in a studio, you’re limited to the options that everyone else is given. It takes the uniqueness out of it.

For a more personalized setting, on location is where it’s at.

Where better to capture special family photos than in your home or at your favorite park? Or a maternity photo shoot at the site of your first date or location of the proposal?

The backdrop tells a story just as much as the subjects of the photo do. And when that backdrop is a meaningful place, it makes the picture that much more special.

Dynamic, Natural Shots

Shooting on location gives a photograph an energy that you just can’t replicate in the studio. Whether that energy comes from the natural surroundings, a candid shot, or unique backdrop, it’s beauty can’t be denied.

Nature itself gives a special kind of beauty. Natural sunlight provides a glow like none other. And you’d be surprised what effect natural light combined with artificial light can give.

Wind through the grass or trees in the background, and even through the subject’s hair, also gives a feeling of movement and life.

And there’s a sense of creative energy when you’re able to engage with the environment around you. If you’re shooting in a public space or just a quiet familiar one, there’s a unique interaction between the location and subjects that can complement each other in a photo.

Studio Photography

Studio photography takes place inside the photographer’s office or studio location. This space will house all their camera equipment, lighting, backdrops, and props.

Having photos taken in a studio has been the long-standing traditional way of having a photo session.

There are still advantages to taking this route which include:

Controlled Environment

While being on location can give you beautiful shots, but there’s much about it you can’t control.

Bad weather and limited sunlight are enough to ruin any photo shoot.

On an open set, there’s always a concern for distractions. The photographer could be worried about onlookers messing with equipment. Or the photo subject can’t concentrate because of too much activity around them.

But you don’t have to worry about any of that in a studio.

All distractions are gone. The environment is ideal. And you can concentrate on the task at hand.


Many people can be uncomfortable in an on-location setting, simply due to the lack of privacy.

Any open setting has the possibility of onlookers. And trying to pose for pictures with people staring at you might not be the relaxing atmosphere you may need.

And it’s especially true if you’re having a photo shoot with a bit more intimacy involved. Such as certain maternity shots. Some things just shouldn’t be on full display for the public to see.

In studio gives you all the privacy you need. You can feel comfortable and more relaxed, which will show in the quality of your photos.


Sometimes a studio is convenient, not only for the controlled environment and privacy, but for easy access to any photography equipment or props that may be needed.

Natural lighting is ideal, but sometimes a photo shoot calls for more specific lighting. Especially when there is a certain look the photographer is after. Being able to dial in and create the exact effect needed can make all the difference.

And there’s no need to worry about forgetting any props. It’s all already right there! The same holds true for camera equipment.

Plus, if you have potty training little ones who need to get to facilities asap, being outdoors might not be ideal for them… or you!

Studio or On Location Photography Can Capture Memories for a Lifetime

Depending on your preference and needs, choosing to be in the studio or having on location photography is sure to give you photos you will cherish forever. It’s all in knowing what is right for you and your family.

Ready to schedule the photo shoot of your dreams? Contact us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions and schedule your next session.

10 Creatively Stunning Ideas For Your Maternity Photo Shoot


You’ve finally achieved one of your greatest dreams in life: the chance to become a mother.

You want to memorialize this incredibly special time by taking maternity photos.

The only problem?

You just can’t seem up come up with any great maternity picture ideas!

Don’t panic. Instead, keep on reading in order to get the inspiration that you need.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to make the most of your pregnancy photo shoot.

From couples pregnancy photos to stunning solo shots, we’ll go over some of our best maternity photo shoot ideas.

1. Three Generations

One of our favorite maternity picture ideas?

Don’t just include your partner in your photo. Also include your parents, and the parents of the father.

Not only will this make them feel incredibly special, it’s also a wonderful way to take your first ever “three generations” photoshoot.

You should stand in the front of the frame, cradling your baby bump in your hands. Then, ask the baby’s father to stand behind you, while your parents and his own stand behind all of you.

The result is a truly heartwarming picture that you can show your child once they arrive. It will remind them just how much they are cared for, and about the bonds of your family.

2. Paint your Belly

Another awesome idea for your shoot?

Find a piece of clothing that shows off your belly, and then hire a local artist to use some body paint to create a beautiful design.

We think that pastel shades and wavy lines work best here. To really take things to the next level, toss on a flower crown to get in touch with your inner earth mother.

Of course, you could also write a funny or special message to your baby on your stomach.



3. Pose with your Other Children

Maybe this isn’t the first time that you’ve added to your family.

If so, then we know that your children are likely very excited — and possibly a little bit nervous — about the arrival of a new baby brother or sister.

One way you can make all the children in your family feel included?

By making them a part of your maternity photo shoot.

Have them pose with their hands on your belly, or simply have your children hold up signs like, “Can’t wait to meet you!”



4. Nap Time

Being a new parent can be seriously hard work!

One of the things that we know you’ll miss the most?

A good night’s sleep.

Pose for a hilarious maternity shoot with your partner by sleeping back to back while sitting on the ground. Or, simply lay down on your own and pretend to be snoring.

You’ll look back at these pictures longingly once your new baby arrives!



5. In the Nursery

Another way to show those who see your maternity photos that your super excited for your new arrival?

Have your portraits taken in the nursery itself!

You can make the stuffed animals, baby blankets, and even the crib a part of the shoot. Once you’ve finished, be sure to have the picture framed and placed in the nursery.

This way, your baby will know for sure just how excited you were about their life before they were even born.

It’s a wonderful way to bond with your child, and to show off just how hard you’ve both worked on creating the perfect nursery.

We know you can’t wait to show it off!



6. With your Veil

Your wedding was the most special day in your life — that is, until you found out that you were expecting.

Why not combine these two incredibly special and important occasions and pose with your wedding veil in your maternity photos?

This will help you and your husband to remember the special bond that you share.



7. Your Favorite Place

When you’re browsing through Pinterest and looking for maternity photo ideas, we’re pretty sure that you’ve seen countless shoots that look exactly the same.

They’re all on top of a mountain, in a park, or in front of a rainbow after a storm.

And while these ideas can certainly produce beautiful pictures, there’s nothing unique about them. There’s also no personal connection to the parents-to-be.

Instead of focusing on the backdrop and setting that will get you the most likes on Instagram, choose a place that’s actually special to you as an individual couple.

It’s OK — even preferable — to keep it silly!

Maybe you want to have your shoot in front of the movie theatre where your baby’s father cried through an entire chick flick. Maybe you and your partner are huge baseball fans, and you want to do a shoot in the stands while you’re cheering on your team.

Perhaps you even want to keep it more sentimental, and pose in front of your home, in your baby’s nursery-to-be, or at the place where you had your first date.

Just make sure your maternity photo shoot is about you, not what everyone else is doing.



8. Hold a Message

As a parent, we know that you’ll be spending the rest of your life teaching your child lessons.

Sometimes, these lessons can be simple. This means things like how to tie a shoe or make up a bed. Other times, these can be essential and moving life lessons — like how to treat others or stand up for what is right.

On your pregnancy photo shoot, get a chalkboard or write up a special message to your child ahead of time.

This message should be the most important lesson that you want to teach your child. It can be a quote from a favorite novel or holy book.

It can even just be something small that you want your baby to remember forever.

This will create a stunning picture that both you and your child can look at for years to come. It will also always help them to remember what really matters in life.

You can also make it clear what you want them to take from their time with you.



9. Mommy and Me

So far in this post, we’ve mostly discussed our ideas for couples pregnancy photos.

However, it’s also important to remember that your maternity photo shoot is mostly about you.

Think of it as an opportunity to take your first ever “Mommy and Me” photo!

We understand that, when you’re pregnant, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to love the way you look. Your clothes don’t fit you well, you’re dealing with swelling, and you’re carrying around lots of extra weight.

Your maternity pictures should be a time for you to feel both beautiful and glamourous. In other words, don’t be afraid to go over-the-top when it comes to your hair and makeup.

Put on large statement earrings, wear a beautiful long gown, and have your makeup professionally done for the photoshoot.

You deserve to feel as stunning as you are. Plus, remember that you’re never going to have the opportunity to take these photos again. Even if you don’t want to take them in the moment, down the road, we know that you’ll be glad that you did.

Your maternity pictures will help you to create lasting memories that highlight the sacred act of motherhood.

Don’t miss out.



10. Anything Goes

Above all, remember that your maternity shoot is about you.

This means that you should make it as unique to your family as is possible.

Are you obsessed with a certain television show? Can’t get enough of a music star? Want to pose with a flag to show off your love for your country?

Out final tip for nailing the maternity shoot is to find props and styles that resonate with you.

More than anything else, relax and have fun!

Ready to Schedule Your Maternity Photo Shoot?

From a three generations photo to a mommy and me glamour shot, we hope this post has you excited about your maternity photo shoot.

Remember that your maternity photos are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This means that it’s never too early to start coming up with maternity photo ideas.

Be sure to include not only yourself and your partner, but also the other important people in your life.

Of course, it’s the quality of the photographer themselves that makes all the difference.

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website to learn more about us, and get in touch to schedule your shoot.

Ready, Set, Click: 9 Tips for What to Wear for Family Photos


Planning to take a family photo and share it online? Or, with the rising importance of printing photographs, do you want to keep a physical keepsake of happy times with the people you love?

Those moments will fly by quickly and you’ll want each picture to look astounding. One step to achieve that goal is to wear the right clothes.

Figuring out what to wear for family photos, however, is easier said than done. It’s not like taking a photograph of a single person; everyone in the photo has to complement the overall theme and style that you’re going for.

To help you get started, here’s our guide on what to wear for family photographs:

Family Photos Color Scheme: Coordinating, Not Matching

Don’t follow the old tradition of making everyone wear the same clothes and all be in one color. It looks stiff, outdated, and awkward. Instead, prepare for the family photo shoot by picking a theme that lets everyone coordinate while wearing two to three different colors.

After all, it’s already obvious you’re all part of one, cohesive unit since you’re all in the photograph together. If you want to go with an elegant style, for example, you can opt to blend together black, white, and grey instead of only one, solid color.

Wearing matching clothes can be cute when used right. Twins or competitive siblings can wear matching clothes but this often only for comedic effect or to draw immediate attention.

Understand the color wheel and figure out which colors not only work for you but with each other. This ensures colors don’t blend with each other or contradict each other. Another important factor to consider: avoid neon colors because they’ll bleed out and give your skin or hair different hues too.

Complement the Background

That said, you should first pick a theme of colors after you’ve taken then the time to look at the scenery. You’ll want to complement the background instead of fighting it.

Are you taking a family photograph in a grassy meadow? Don’t wear green because then you’ll camouflage into the background. Another example is if the area is a little dark because then you shouldn’t wear solid black.

Have Fun with Accessories

The best way to add some life and spice to a family photo is to play with accessories. Have fun and remember that you don’t only wear accessories but can also use them to create a story. You can use the clothes you wear to showcase your heritage and religious beliefs.

You can have the wife hold onto the man’s necktie or let the kids hide or peek behind a wide-brim hat. If you’re going for something neutral, formal, or elegant then adding a nice necklace or bracelet accentuates the theme so it won’t look dull and dry.

Be Careful with Text and Patterns

You will want to avoid shirts with a lot of print or loud, distracting patterns. They won’t mesh well with the background and the cohesive design of a family photograph. It’s like adding shattered glass to a floor adorned with rose petals.

Brand logos, in particular, are the worst offenders. Not only will they look dated in years to come, they might come across as cheeky or out of place.

No All Black or White Clothing

Avoid pure black or all white clothing when taking a family photo. Yes, it can look clean but it can also look stiff. At the same time, it can send the wrong message to people who view the photograph later on.

If you’re all in black, some might think you were getting ready for a funeral. If it’s all white, people might assume you were heading out to the hospital.

Aiming to showcase a more traditional family attire? If you’re going for all black and white then use accessories to your advantage. Even something as simple as a gold necklace or some hats can boost the photo’s aesthetic.

Textures and Layers

When listing down different family picture outfit ideas, make sure to add layers. This means you and your family shouldn’t only wear nothing but shirts and jeans. Add some texture with a veil, dress flourishes, and weave-work to make even classic UAE attire stand out.

How about wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt underneath your short-sleeve top or maybe a nice, elegant sling bag to go with your skirt? These little details add dimension to the photo, ensuring it won’t appear boring and plain.

Look for Inspiration for Family Photo Outfit Ideas

When you’re not sure what to wear for family photos, look at what worked before. There’s bound to be some ideas in your family album or online. If you’re taking photos with a trusted professional photographer, take some time to look at the photos of their previous clients.

Personality Outshines Everything

Let your personality take the spotlight. Does your family photo have to be formal? If not, why not add a personal touch to it and let everyone wear something that embodies who they are.

Are all of you fan of superhero movies? Why not wear shirts bearing the logo of your favorite heroes? If you all love Christmas, why not showcase that with the kind of clothes you wear for the family photo?

What to Wear for Family Photos? Stay Comfortable

Regardless of what people say – including this own guide – don’t wear what you don’t feel comfortable in. If you want to wear loud, matching colors or to top a traditional dress with a cardigan then do it! Sometimes, it’s better to ignore everyone’s advice and go with what feels good.

It’s fine to ignore everything if you feel comfortable. However, you can find a great compromise by staying fashionable and comfortable at the same time. A good way to achieve this is to spend time discussing your family photo goals with your photographer.

Take the Best Family Photos Today!

What are you waiting for? Now that you have an idea of what to wear for family photos, take the next step and schedule an appointment with the best photographers in town.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss what you want and how we can achieve the photographic look you’ve been dreaming of!

Making the Most Out of Your Baby’s First Birthday


Can you believe your baby is getting ready to turn 1? It probably feels like your child was just born, and yet, here you are preparing to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Time really does fly.

It’s going to continue to fly, too, so you shouldn’t let your baby’s first birthday pass without doing something special for it. Yes, that means throwing a party with all of your family and friends in attendance.

But it also means taking the time to commemorate the occasion by holding a photo shoot for your child. It will give you the opportunity to remember what they were like as a 1-year-old for years to come, and it will allow you to slow down time for just a second as you celebrate your love for your baby.

Take a look at some tips for planning the ultimate photo shoot for your baby’s first birthday below.

Work With a Trusted Baby Photographer

The first thing you want to do when scheduling a photo shoot for your baby’s first birthday is track down a few trusted photographers in your area who are up for the challenge.

Make a list of photographers who would be able to handle the shoot for you and then call them directly and ask them questions about potentially photographing your baby.

These questions should include:

  1. How much experience do you have photographing 1-year-olds?
  2. How do you get young children to sit still for photos?
  3. How quickly can you have photos ready following a shoot?
  4. What are the costs associated with your photo services?
  5. Are you available to arrange a photo shoot with my 1-year-old?

Use the answers you get to these questions to determine if specific photographers are right for the job.

Create Different Looks for Your Baby’s First Birthday Photo Shoot

Once you have narrowed down your search and found the perfect photographer for your shoot, it will be time to plan the shoot. You should work directly with your photographer to come up with different looks that you can use during it.

Some parents want to dress their kids up in their Sunday’s best for their photo shoot. Others want them to look more casual. But most want to get a good variety of looks into the shoot so that they can pick and choose what works best.

Obviously, getting a 1-year-old changed multiple times can present unique challenges. Make sure your photographer is up for it, and ask about how you can move from one look to another as seamlessly as possible.

Make Sure Your Baby Is Well Rested Before the Shoot

You can pick out all the different looks you want for your child’s photo shoot. But if your child is cranky when the shoot starts, there’s a chance it could be a complete disaster. Photographing children of all ages can be incredibly difficult.

You should try and pick a time during the day when your child is used to being awake. You should also make sure your child is well rested and fed prior to the shoot so that he or she isn’t in a bad mood when you arrive for your shoot.

Additionally, you should prepare yourself to be around during the shoot to calm your child down if something goes wrong. You will need to practice patience on the day of the shoot and be ready for anything.

Embrace the Chaos That Might Take Place During the Shoot

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, there’s a good chance your child will get fussy during his or her photo shoot. It’s just about impossible to keep children happy and smiling for an extended period of time, especially when they’re being photographed.

Rather than getting upset about it, embrace it! There are going to be shots of your child crying, but it’s not the end of the world. In reality, some of those shots might make you laugh later and might make for good mementos as you celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

Purchase as Many Photos as You Can After the Shoot

After the shoot is over, your photographer will sit you down and show you the shots that were captured. There will be lots of them, so you don’t necessarily need to order every single one.

However, you should try and purchase as many as you can and put together a photo book for your child. You’ll never have another chance to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, so take advantage of the moment by ordering photos that will last a lifetime. You will be very glad you did later.

Frame Your Baby’s Photos

Once you have all of your baby’s first birthday photos in your hands, it will be time to do something with them. Some parents don’t take the time to frame them in any way and they end up getting stuffed in a box somewhere, never to be seen again.

Don’t do that! You should buy a couple high-quality frames and put your favorite photos into them. Then, you should buy some smaller frames for the rest and, at the very least, put them into the frames. Even if you don’t display them prominently in your home, it will protect the photos.

There are also all sorts of other unique things you can do with your baby’s first birthday photos. From using them to create a whole album to having them put on clothing as gifts for grandparents, there are all sorts of creative ways you can incorporate your child’s photos into your life.

You took the time to have your child photographed, so go the extra mile and take the time to frame and use your photos. They will serve as a constant reminder of how wonderful the first year of your child’s life truly was.

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7 Tips to Prepare for Your Family Photography Shoot

Family photo sessions are a great way to capture lasting memories of your family.

But if you’re like most families, the idea of a photo shoot also brings memories of meltdowns, awkward poses, and uncomfortable outfits. Whether you have small children or a large group to work with, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

If you’re thinking about scheduling a family photography session, check out these 7 tips first. They’ll help you get through your shoot smoothly, and to get great looking photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.


1. Coordinate But Keep it Comfortable

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when planning a family photography session is getting too caught up in choosing cute, matching outfits.

Matching outfits can be fun. But finding an outfit that everyone, from dads to infant daughters, will be comfortable it can be a challenge. Someone will end up uncomfortable. And if everyone is wearing the same thing, everyone tends to blend into the photo.

Rather than choosing outfits that precisely match, consider choosing coordinating outfits.

Choose a single color scheme, or utilize neutrals to create a coordinating look. You can even take it one step further with a fun print fabric in a scarf for mom, a tee for dad, and a skirt for the little one.

When you aren’t stressing out about choosing outfits that match exactly, you can instead choose something that everyone will be comfortable in, while still looking great together.


2. Choose a Fun Location

If you have younger children with a desire to run and play, trying to stage a photo session in a studio can be a challenge. Kids will get bored, tempers will fray, and the session is more likely to come to a crashing halt.

Instead, consider choosing a fun outdoor location. Shooting on location will give you a more relaxed session. When your kids get bored, they’ll have space to run while you take a break.

Plus, choosing an outdoor location gives you a chance to incorporate a natural landscape, fun textures, or other nice details into your backdrops.


3. Come Prepared

You can never be sure exactly how your kids will be feeling on the day of your family photography session. But there are a few things you can prepare ahead of time to help mitigate any mini-disasters.

One smart idea is to pack an emergency bag that will come to the shoot with you.

Pack snacks and small toys to occupy bored or hungry toddlers. Bring a change of clothes for any little ones that might have an accident or be prone to playing in the mud.

You should also pack a few emergency items for the adults or older children in your group.

A stain stick can help save an outfit. Hairspray and a few bobby pins can fix a messed-up hairstyle. If mom wants to wear heels for a few of the photos, then a pair of comfortable shoes are also a good idea, to keep you comfortable towards the end of the shoot.


4. Take Breaks

When you’re paying for a time slot with your photographer, it can be tempting to keep pressing forward to get the most shots for your money.

But trying to do too much can end up ruining your photos, especially those towards the end of your shoot.

Taking short breaks from shooting can help refocus everyone’s attention and keep little ones from losing interest.

If you’re only doing a short photo shoot, you can still incorporate breaks in a different way to keep everyone relaxed. Instead of stopping the shoot, just ask the photographer if you can take a break from strict posing.

Instead, talk to your kids. Laugh with them. Hug them. All the while, your photographer can keep snapping away.

You might be surprised to find that these are your favorite photos of the whole session!


5. Bring a Few Props

Even when your family photography session is outside, bringing along a few props is a good idea.

Bring your child’s favorite toy, a beloved stuffed animal, a few books, or other small items.

These will perform double duty during your session. They will keep kids occupied when they get bored and will help inspire relaxed and candid photos.

If your kids are young, avoid bringing these props out too soon. Otherwise, you may end up with a whole session of photos full of these props if your kids refuse to give them up.


6. Follow Your Childrens’ Lead

If during your family photography session a child starts losing interest in a certain spot or pose, consider following their lead.

While you’ll want to encourage them to pose or smile for some of your photos, sometimes the best images come from the unplanned moments. These are the moments when your child gets distracted by a plant, wants to climb on something, or is playing.

When this occurs, switch gears. Play with your child or encourage your other children to follow their lead. You’ll get fun, relaxed photos of your family that will look far more natural than any pose you can come up with.


7. Make Sure That Everyone is Well-Rested

The last thing you want to do is show up to your photo shoot with tired, cranky family members. Whether you’re shooting early in the morning or at sunset, make sure that everyone in your group has slept or at least had time to rest prior to your session.

This will make everyone much more cooperative, will help alleviate forced smiles, and will help ensure that your entire session goes more smoothly.


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6 Reasons You Should Invest in Maternity Photography

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy soon? Pregnancy is an exciting time of life. It’s a time of anticipation and, for many, lots of activity.

You may be remodeling a room to set up a nursery. You spend hours looking through stores and picking out all the right baby gear. You may even sit by yourself imagining what your new life with your precious little bundle will be like.

But amidst the flurry of baby showers and planning, have you taken some time for yourself? Go get your nails done or change up your hair. Self-care is important and you won’t have as much time for it after the baby arrives.

Having photos taken of you is a beautiful way to commemorate this special stage of your life. Have you thought about investing in maternity photography? Here are some reasons why you should.

1. Celebrate Pregnancy

Pregnancy is difficult. If you’re pregnant now, you’re well aware of this. If not yet, ask any woman who has had children. There are sleepless nights, days of nausea, and lots of random aches and pains.

Not to mention the anticipation of the main event itself. Every pregnant woman wonders, what will it feel like to give birth? Will it go the way you plan?

All of that makes pregnancy a very uncomfortable and uncertain stage of life. But that’s all it is, a stage. In the whole scheme of things, it’s a rather short stage. Most women will only be pregnant a few times.

Hiring a professional photographer to celebrate this stage is becoming very popular. And for good reason. Bringing life into the world is a pretty big deal, why wouldn’t you want to commemorate it? Photos are the perfect way to do that.

2. See Yourself as Others See You

Many women shy away from the camera during pregnancy. The weight gain sometimes makes them feel bloated and insecure about their appearance.

But take a moment to view professional maternity photography. What do you think when you see those photos?

Are you obsessing over her extra thick thigh or puffy cheeks? We bet you’re only thinking about how gorgeous that glowing mummy looks.

Professional photography gives you the chance to see yourself as others see you. They see a lovely woman glowing with the happiness and anticipation of meeting her baby. Later you will look back and treasure those beautiful moments.

3. Professional Maternity Photography is in its Own League

Cameras are everywhere today. Everybody’s got a camera phone and there are lots of click-happy people.

You may think you can take some fun candid and perspective shots on your own. You may ask a friend to get a few full-length shots and try using those.

Make no mistake, those fun selfies have their place. But this is an epic stage of life. You will want beautiful, flattering, quality photographs. The only way to get those types of photos is to hire a professional.

Professionals know how to pose pregnant women so they look their best. They can do amazing things to make your photos special. They play with light to create depth and beautiful effects.

They know how to take photos from the right angles. That’s how they show off your beautiful belly without making you look like an elephant.

Your friend with an iPhone simply can’t compete.

4. It’s a Bonding Experience

Maternity photography is not only about you and your baby. It’s also about your partner and other family members. Photos of dads interacting with the baby in mom’s belly are some of the sweetest moments to capture.

The experience of taking photos itself is a beautiful bonding experience. This goes for you and your partner as well as any other children you already have.

Getting the whole family in on the experience makes everybody feel like they have a part. Later, your kids will love to show their little sibling those photos. They’ll be excited to show off how they were there when their sibling was in mom’s belly.

5. Your Baby Will Appreciate It

Of course, it will be a few years before your baby will care. But once they’re old enough, those photos are something special for them to look at.

Even when they’re little you can show them that this was you with them in your belly! They will have fun imagining what it was like to be curled up inside you. Someday they might even show their own children that this was them in grandma’s tummy.

6. You’ll Regret Not Doing It

Think about how you’ll feel a few years down the road. This may be one of the most important reasons for investing in maternity photography. Many women who choose to forego photos regret not having taken them.

You’re only pregnant for a short time. Before you know it, your kids are running around and starting school. Pretty soon they’ll be having their own kids. Ask your mom, she’ll tell you how fast it has all gone by.

Maternity photography is a great way to freeze time for a moment. Years later you can look back and remember this beautiful time in your life.

It was difficult, sure, but you would do it all again for the wonderful gift you received. Children are such a precious blessing.

We work with women all the time who are having their second or third baby. They tell us how deeply they regret not having photos of their first. Don’t let that be you. Invest in these beautiful memories while you have the chance.

Privacy Concerns

We understand how important privacy is to our clients. To respect your home and your family we promise to never share your images. You are the sole owner of your photos.

We’re also sensitive to the cultural norms and preferences of our area. Maternity photography involves taking some very intimate images. To make you feel more comfortable, we only employ female photographers.

Contact us today to book your session! Even if you’re in the first stages of pregnancy, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Once the big day rolls around you’ll be ready!

10 Adorable Newborn Photography Ideas

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby! This is probably one of the most exciting, exhilarating and slightly nerve-wracking times of your life.

You’ve likely created a registry and have started planning for everything you’ll need once your little one arrives. One item you should definitely include on your checklist? Scheduling a newborn photography shoot.

The first few weeks after you bring baby home can be a whirlwind of emotions, meals, feedings, and naps. As most newborn photography sessions occur within five to 10 days after birth, it helps to have a few ideas in mind so when the time comes, you’re not stressing over poses.

Today, we’re sharing 10 adorable ideas sure to capture the personality and preciousness of your new addition.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in!

1. All the Family on the Bed

As new parents, you’ll likely spend plenty of time lounging on the bed with your new baby. It may also be the spot where you take care of feedings and diaper changes.

One of the sweetest newborn photography ideas is to gather your whole family on the bed for an intimate and comfortable shoot. Try letting mom hold the baby, while everyone gathers around and looks down at him or her. Or, line up all your kids oldest to youngest, with the parents smiling proudly behind them.

You’ll appreciate the plush pillows and back support, and everyone will enjoy the cuddle session that will certainly ensue!

2. Dad Kissing Baby

There’s nothing like becoming a dad. Whether it’s your first time claiming that title or your 10th, it’s special every time.

Another newborn photography option is to snap a few pictures of dad cradling baby in his arms, softly kissing him or her on the top of the head or on the nose. You can also place the baby on dad’s chest and let him look down lovingly. Either way, the formula of masculinity meets vulnerability makes for a snapshot you’ll cherish forever.

3. Mother Cradling Baby

By the time your newborn photography shoot rolls around, even though it’s only been a few days since your baby was born, you’ve certainly spent plenty of time cradling that precious bundle. Why not let your photographer capture that special bond?

There are myriad different ways to cradle, so choose the one that’s most comfortable for you. Try to drown out the clicks and background noise and focus in on that tiny face in front of you for a more genuine shot.

4. The Sibling Shot

Did you just add a new member to your already growing brood? If so, get the siblings in on the action and let them take part in your newborn photography shoot!

If you opt for the family bed portrait, take a few pictures of the siblings lying side by side. If you have older children, consider letting them hold the baby in their arms.

Another sweet idea? Sibling kisses! Put baby in the middle of the sibling pile, or beside a solo sibling, and tell the children to pucker up!

5. Take It Outside

Newborn photography sessions don’t have to occur in a studio! For a fresh twist on tradition, consider taking your pictures outdoors.

If the weather permits, find a nearby park or pasture and lie baby down on a blanket. Hold the shoot during golden hour and get some gorgeous images of your newborn against the setting sun.

6. Parents Kissing over Baby

All because two people fell in love, right? Your newborn wouldn’t be here without the connection you and your partner share.

Capture this love by giving a sweet kiss to each other while holding your baby in your arms together. Or, get the whole family in together and share a quick smooch while the siblings and their new best friend look on.

7. The Swaddle

Done safely and correctly, swaddling can be a great way to physically and emotionally comfort your baby. Mimicking the feeling of being in the womb, a swaddle can help your baby feel secure and safe while he or she is still getting used to the world.

With many different fabrics and patterns to pick from, there’s a swaddle to fit any newborn photography theme. Work with your photographer to find the one that works best. Once you’ve made the swaddle, lie baby down on his or her back and snap away!

8. Newborn Lying on Belly

Your newborn is only a squishy, squeezy bundle for a little while. Capture that sweet innocence by placing baby on his or her belly, turning the head, and propping it upon the arm.

If you have a little girl, try accessorizing with a simply floral headband for a nice touch. For a little boy, there’s nothing more precious than a tiny bowtie!

9. Blurred Parents

You’re the two people responsible for bringing this bundle of joy into the world, but it’s fun to let him or her take the total spotlight right now.

To express this sentiment, hold the baby in your arms and ask your photographer to blur your figures into the background. That way, the focus is all on the baby, though you get to be in the picture too!

10. The Head-to-Head Shot

To get this creative shot, lie on your back, then place baby’s head at your head, so your feet are opposite his or hers. Reach up and cradle that sweet-smelling head in your arms and smile for the camera.

Consider getting the whole family involved and form a big head-to-head circle!

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How to Choose a Professional Newborn Photographer


Nothing in the world is as special as the birth of a child. Babies grow so fast and change so much and parents don’t want to miss a thing.

How do you preserve the precious memories of your child’s birth? How do you remember the details of their little fingers and toes?

Through photography.

Photographs capture those special moments and preserve them for a long time. In fact, a photograph printed in a professional lab can last up to 200 years! That should be plenty of time to preserve your precious baby’s features.

You’ve decided you want to have your baby photographed by a professional. One question still remains. How do you choose the perfect newborn photographer for you?

There are lots of photographers out there. Not everyone will produce the results you’re looking for. Here’s how to choose the right newborn photographer for your baby.

Choose Your Style

First, decide what basic style of newborn session you would like. Newborn photographers often specialize in a certain type of newborn photography. Because of this, the style you want will affect who you hire.

The 3 basic styles of newborn photography are:

  • Posed
  • Lifestyle
  • Documentary

You may want photos that fall into only 1 category. Or you may decide you want a little bit of all 3! Choose a photographer who will be able to provide what you’re looking for.


Posed photos focus on specific poses. There’s a good chance you’ve seen them all over Pinterest.

You know the type- naked little babies nestled in baskets, or resting their head on their hands. Often, the photographer will use props like teddy bears, blankets or adorable hats.

These sessions can take several hours depending on the baby’s cooperation. Be prepared to feed and calm the baby to get those adorable relaxed poses.


Lifestyle photography focuses more on real life rather than orchestrated poses. The newborn photographer will give you a bit of direction and posing tips. But the focus is more on real-life interactions between you and your baby.

This type often takes place in your home. The focus is on showing your life and what it was like when you brought your baby home.

This style of photography offers an excellent way to incorporate other children. Even Grandma and Grandpa can get in on the fun! The focus is not so much on the details and features of the baby, but on your family as a whole.


Documentary style photography is very much like lifestyle but with one major exception. The photographer will not offer any direction whatsoever.

The focus is on capturing you and your baby in actual life moments. Bring the photographer in and then forget about the camera.

No fake smiles. No perfect poses. Real life moments only.

This type of photography can be useful when you or your partner is not a fan of having their picture taken. It allows you to forget about the photographer, focus on your baby, and capture real life as it happens.

Research Newborn Photographer Styles

Now that you have an idea which basic style you would like, it’s time to research photographers.

First, see if your prospective photographer shoots the style you want. Some newborn photographers are happy to offer all three. Others specialize in a particular type.

Once you’ve found a good prospect, investigate their individual style. That is, the specific look their photos have. Editing styles encompass a huge range of looks.

Some photographers are in love with powerful, contrasty black and white photos. Others love bright and airy shots. Some showcase soft pastels and others go strong and bold with bright colors.

Photographers are artists, and as such the photos they create come from the heart. Choose a newborn photographer whose portfolio is full of photos you love. That’s the best way to ensure you’ll love the end result.


The timeframe is an important piece of the puzzle. How old should your baby be when the photographer comes?

It depends on the kind of photos that you want. Those cutesy, posed photos are only attainable during the first couple weeks of life. It is much harder to keep older babies asleep and relaxed enough to get the poses right.

Of course, you don’t know the exact date your baby will arrive. That makes scheduling your session in advance a little difficult.

Talk to your prospective photographer about their policy. Most photographers offer a penciled-in date but allow you a window of time around it.

Lifestyle and documentary sessions give you a little more wiggle room. In fact, an older, more interactive baby who can smile and even laugh can make your photos much more fun. Plus, you may not be too up for having your photo taken right after the birth.

Photographer’s Experience

Not every photographer is a newborn photographer. They may have a portfolio full of gorgeous portraits that you are in love with. But that doesn’t mean you should choose them to photograph your newborn.

Newborn photographers need to know how to work with infants. This is most important when dealing with posed shots. Many of those photos are actually composites.

Think about it. It’s not safe to hang a baby from a tree branch. Or photograph them with your Saint Bernard. Many of those poses the baby can’t even hold on their own. The photographer will have you or an assistant hold the baby and then photoshop out the arm.

Trustworthy and Likeable

Meet the photographer first, even if it’s a simple phone call, although in person is better. You want a photographer that you feel you can trust.

And you want one that will work well with your baby. Your baby is a precious new gift and your newborn photographer should treat them as such.

We understand that privacy and respect are very important. To that end, we will only send a female to photograph your baby. Plus, we’ll never share your images for any reason without your explicit request.

To see if our newborn photography services in Dubai is a good fit for you, contact us today!